Ruth Lera is an experienced energy healer and meditation teacher. She has conducted hundreds of energy healing sessions every year for the past 5 years, and has taught meditation and energetic self-healing extensively both in her home-town of Whitehorse and in other places in Canada and the States.

Her latest program The Self Healing Community allows you to access all the energetic self-healing resources she has created from the comfort of your home.

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All Photos of Ruth by Archbould Photography. (Thanks Cathie!)
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"Working with Ruth Lera is deep and transformative. Ruth's rooted approach to mindfulness expands across all of her services. Ruth is a gift that everyone who is seeking to create, move or become their best version."
- Jonathon Powers

Cultivating Pleasure and Play for Healing
A FREE LIVE call with Sofia Fortin & Ruth Lera
which will include:

Personal Sexual Energetic Guidance
A Group Fire Element Meditation

Monday July 3rd, 2017
7pm pst.


Please join us for this FREE LIVE Call  where Sofia Fortin, founder of the Happy Vagina Project, will share with us a Fire Element Meditation in the sacral chakra for the purpose of focusing and boosting the energy field.

When we increase the energy in the Sacral Chakra we cultivate the energy of pleasure, play and curiosity into our lives, as a way to expand pleasure in our sexual lives and beyond.

Sofia and Ruth will also be taking questions from LIVE call attendees about sex drive, libido, orgasm, erectile dysfunction, pleasure, self care and relationships with our bodies, and will be providing compassionate guidance based on reading the energy and providing information that correlates with the latest research about sexual well-being.


Sofia Fortin is the founder of the Happy Vagina Project. Her mission is to create connections between the art of sex, feminine woo woo and unleashing your inner awesome. Sofia is a certified sexuality coach and sex educator who is inspired to help women and men reconnect with their inner spark and reignite their love of life and their relationships. 

Sofia brings a sassy blend of real talk, tantric tools, and modern science to her approach. As a long time communications consultant she's got the chops to cheerlead you through those tough times when the ground beneath you doesn't seem too stable any more and the things you thought you knew about yourself and your world are shifting. 

Sofia believes that knowing and owning your sexual fingerprint is knowing your authentic self because sexual exploration is not only about the art of sex, it’s about personal growth and healing. Her deepest wish is for every woman to see the power in her fiery inner feminine, to connect with her sexuality and to shine her light bright on this world. 


Ruth Lera is the creator of the Self Healing Community where she is taking her journey as a energy healer, teacher and natural intuitive to the next level.

As a passionate optimist cheering for the peaceful future of our planet Ruth works diligently everyday to offer her Infinite Heart to the Universe in the name of service.

Living in rural Yukon Ruth draws on the power of the natural world to assist her in going into all levels of the energy field, chakras, cells, past lives, after life and other realms to draw on whatever healing is being called to be offered for whoever she is working with.

Ruth is also a prolific writer contributing to the online journal Elephant Journal, her own blog and newsletters and presently her first book.

Organizing these collaborative LIVE calls is a pure joy for her!

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It is a courageous act to explore your sexuality with conciseness and curiosity. Let us guide you along the way.
- Sofia Fortin