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Energy Healing Sessions


What is an Energy Healing Session with Ruth?

 I call the service I offer energy healing because there are so many  places in the energy I access when working with a client. 

I have taken  many trainings over the years including, healing touch, Quantum touch  and Anatomy for Healers, but at this point in my career there are so many  techniques I use it is simpler just to say I am doing energy healing. 

I  use clairsentience to read, heal and clear the energy. Whereas  clairvoyance is seeing energy, clairsentience is sensing energy.

I get  information through my senses and my mind about a person's energy. 

Every  session I do is unique. There is no cookie cutter session. 

I am always  responding to the client's energy. 

Some sessions include a lot of  talking and guidance and some sessions are more deep and sleepy. It just  depends what issues are at the surface being shifted in the energy. 

 Time is no issue when it comes to energy healing. If a person is open  and available massive amounts of energy can be cleared and transformed  in a very small amount of time. This can happen if there is a true  willingness.

If a person is aligned with resistance and stuck in their  belief systems of how things are and is not truly open to change then  only a small amount of energy will be shifted and not as much result  will be noticed.

It takes courage to be ready to change your energy!  But it feels so good to have a clear energetic system in my opinion it  is worth it. 

I am interested in working with clients who are open and  willing to let go of everything that is no longer serving them, even if  that means you don't know what the future holds. If you are truly  available for this type of energetic transformation then you will find a  50 minute either in-person or video conference session with me a very  good investment.  

More Information....

 What I have observed is that clients feel really empowered having their  life experiences affirmed and confirmed during and energy healing  session with me. 

This is because I am just reading or you could say translating  your energy.

 I describe your life experience in ways you have known but  perhaps have never put into words. This sense of clarity is enlightening  for clients and helps them move forward with often difficult life  choices.

Many physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental challenges and  discomforts are actually just stuck energy. 

So many times in our life  when we had trouble or felt bad, energies became stuck in our field,  chakras or bodies. When you are 'ready' to feel better these energies can  be released but it can be hard to do on your own.

This is where I can  help. 

After doing thousands of energy healing sessions I am now more  than familiar with the patterning of stuck energy and have developed a  system to remove energies that are holding people back often in just one or two sessions.  

I really want the best for you. I give my full attention to attuning to  your energy, divine purpose and soul alignment and sharing with you what  I sense in the most direct and accessible way possible.

I offer  guidance on both practical and spiritual areas of your life both in the  session and often as on-going homework. 

What People Are Saying About an Energy Healing Session with Ruth....

"Before I met Ruth, I was in shadows and confusion. After I met Ruth I started to shine and discipline myself. The work we did is really a practical and helpful way to get things up and running.

Literally, Ruth is able to uplift and get the wheels in your energy to spin the right way. It requires breath, relaxation, honesty and a willingness from my part, but is a remarkable and generous treatment from Ruth and her gift. 

It was the posture of listening that got me to align myself in the days after our the first session. Although Ruth can guarantee a mighty effort, I don't think it would be possible if I was not able to put myself in her hands. 

Trust and collaboration are very important factors in the process. 

Ruth is a professional, practitioner but also a social human being with a relatable language and direct communication which made it easy for me to get deep and hard-working from day one. 

Three weeks in I have noticed huge changes in my life, I have received more work, more finance and finally more spiritual and physical confidence in my day-to day life. 

I am very grateful for the sessions we have had and will continue to have. I could not choose away this opportunity to impact my life in miraculous ways that Ruth is able to assist me with. 

She is at your full service and indeed a healer. I give my highest recommendation. "

Jade ,Oslo, Norway


"Ruth is a very talented spiritual healer who works with the chakras to  restore energy to people's bodies and spirits. 

In our short time  together, she picked up on deep-rooted imbalances and provided useful  suggestions for me to help simplify my life and feel more relaxed at  peace with myself.

I left the session feeling as though a load had been  lifted, and more centered in my body.

 I will definitely come back for  future sessions. I would recommend her to anyone!" 

Jill, Chicago, USA


"I am fortunate to have known Ruth for almost 20 years, as a student peer, as a colleague in work, as a dear friend and as an expert healer. 

In learning, in work and in friendship, Ruth’s passion and dedication has always surpassed anyone I know.  

In service, Ruth’s expertise, experience and intuition with energy work has culminated in profound and powerful healing experiences.  Ruth has an amazing capacity to get to the root of any issue, transforming it with both a gentle and a straightforward, no-nonsense approach. 

I am very fortunate to be experiencing the impact of Ruth’s energy work in my own life transformations.  I feel confident in saying that working with Ruth has helped me explore and transform long-standing personal issues, allowing me more ease and joy in my relationships, more passion and inspiration in my work life and more confidence in embracing the light as I move forward.  

I highly recommend Ruth’s energy healing to anyone who is seeking personal transformation in any aspect of their lives."

Sarah, Whitehorse, Canada

Preparing For Your Session

I am so glad you are going to booked an energy healing session with me.

I would like  to request you prepare yourself for the session. 

Please reflect on what  areas of your life you would like to see shifted and come ready to let  me know about it. 

Clients often ask me how often they should visit me for Energy Healing  sessions. My general answer (if there isn't a chronic or acute issue I  think needs immediate attention) is to keep focusing on your own healing  through self-awareness, life style changes and the energetic  self-healing techniques in my book Walking the Soul Path.

If you feel  like you are shifting and growing on your own then keep going. But when  you feel like the energy has become stuck and you can't clear or shift  it on your own anymore then definitely book a session.  

Session Availability

At this time  I will only be opening up 5 session spots  per week.

Please take a close look at my online scheduler and book early so  that you ensure your spot for a session.  

Discounted Sessions

Each week I offer one pay-what-you can Energy Healing Session for children or folks who are financially challenged at this time. Please email me at to arrange one of these sessions.

Energy Study Group


Saturdays- 9:30am to Noon

Each week we come together at a downtown location in Whitehorse to dive deep into learning about the world of healing energy.

Cost- $50/class

Email to register

Upcoming Schedule

Feb. 15th - Back of Head

Feb. 22nd- Spine

Feb. 29th- Feet

March 7th - Shoulders

March 14th- Hips