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What is a New Year's Chakra Reading?

I have been offering New Year's Chakra readings for 4 years now and they are always amazing and illuminating.

Because we all need guidance on this twisty human journey we find ourselves on.

Somewhere between 1 and 5 days from the time you place the order I sit down in a quiet space and I think about you with LOVE.

One by one I go through your 7 major chakras and see what they have to say about what is going on now in your life and what is coming ahead in 2019.

I will then email you a 3 to 5 page document with the information regarding everything discovered.

A chakra reading helps to cut through the confusion of the mind and to get some direct, accessible information about what your own personal energy needs you to know.

There is A LOT of information in a New Year's Chakra reading and you will find yourself reviewing it many times over the coming year.

Truly, it is my great honor to connect compassionately with your energy in this intimate and healing way.

Trusting the Soul Path
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May 6th to May 11th


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