I consider this website my online home and I am thrilled to welcome you for a visit.

My mission is to create self-healing resources and share them widely because I truly believe that we all have innate self-healing abilities, if we are willing to give ourselves some time, self-love and willingness to explore them.

Inside this website there is a portal of self-healing tools just waiting for you!

I know you have come to my online home because you are curious about energy healing, your own self-healing abilities and what resources I might be able to offer for you.

Please take a look around and I hope you find some tools or resouces that are PERFECT for you.

If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Much Love,
Energetic Cellular Healing
Join Ruth Lera and the members of The Self Healing Community
for a month of deep energtic cleansing and healing
on the cellular level for the purpose
of upgrading your entire energetic system.

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Love Notes From Me to You!

What I am really passionate about is self-love, unconditional acceptance and the healing journey. And what I love to do is share my thoughts and words on these topics with all of you!

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