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April 29th, 2018
 Let's connect with our Solar Plexus. Just take a moment and put your hand on the space below your rib cage. For most of us this is a sensitive spot. Deep down we don't really accept ourselves. We just aren't really sure that the way we are is okay at all. This is fine. This is just the way it is. The opportunity here is to accept it all as it is. Just close your eyes for a moment. Do it now. Say to yourself, "I accept it all. The tenderness, the shame, all the emotions and all the thoughts exactly as they are." A rawness may emerge. Be grateful for this expression of truth. If you want to go  deeper you can say to yourself, "I forgive, I forgive, I forgive." Blessings to you all!

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" I have had the great privilege to experience the transformative energy through the distant sessions for the past two years. I have felt countless beautiful and powerful developments within myself from these sessions. A truly life changing work. 
The loving power Ruth emits during session was felt like a warm shining within and was working for days allowing hidden trauma to release.

Throughout the process, her highly sensitive guidance have been the greatest gift!

An immensely treasurable support on my personal path.
She is a uniquely wonderful healer and a blessing to all wishing to evolve and get back to a beautiful and light state of being which is our true self! 
Tons and tons of gratitude!"
Virginie-  Quebec, Canada
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