Ruth Lera is an experienced energy healer and meditation teacher. She has conducted hundreds of energy healing sessions every year for the past 5 years, and has taught meditation and energetic self-healing extensively both in her home-town of Whitehorse and in other places in Canada and the States.

Her latest program The Self Healing Community allows you to access all the energetic self-healing resources she has created from the comfort of your home.

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All Photos of Ruth by Archbould Photography. (Thanks Cathie!)
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"Working with Ruth Lera is deep and transformative. Ruth's rooted approach to mindfulness expands across all of her services. Ruth is a gift that everyone who is seeking to create, move or become their best version."
- Jonathon Powers

Becoming Free in Our Energy
A LIVE Energy Clearing Call
with Ruth Lera


Monday July 24th, 2017
6:00pm to 7:30pm pst


Much of the time the reason we aren't feeling good in our bodies, minds and spirit is because we have too many energetic connections attached to our systems as well as residue soul fragmented energy that is hanging out in our personal energy fields.

That is why no matter how hard we try to change our diets, exercise regimes or the environments we spend time in we just don't seem able to feel better.

This is because the reason we aren't feeling our optimal selves is not due to outer life circumstances but instead is coming from information being stored within our energetic systems.

In this LIVE Call we will do a full energetic clearing of our energy field and chakras so that we can feel completely free and totally ourselves and can get on with enjoing our lives fully and unencumbered.

Doesn't that sound great?

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