If you want to:

- Learn how to use energetic self
healing to clear old pain and trauma

-Increase your own sense of
unconditional self-love

-Develop inner-confidence and inner-strength

-Use mindfulness wisely in all of your

-And create a beneficial energetic
alignment in your own being that
increases your ability to help the

Then Walking the Soul Path; An Energetic Guide to Being Human by Ruth Lera is the book for you!



“A must read for all humans. Ruth, effectively takes the mystery out of the esoteric and etheric concepts of energy healing and makes it accessible to all. You could replace your book shelf full of self-help books with this one easy to read, simple guide to self healing. But don't just read it, do the helpful, easy to follow techniques and you will witness the real benefit.”

“I loved this book and read it in one weekend! The author’s style of writing is such that I felt that she was walking right beside me, imparting this knowledge. Definitely one of those books that I will want to re-read and dip into again and again.”

“I absolutely LOVE this book. It's so approachable! (if you can say that about a book...) I feel like I can pick it up at any time and there is a tidbit in there that will help me with whatever I am dealing with at the moment. Each time I read it I pick up something new; I get another perspective on how energetic healing applies to my life at the moment. It is a text that is somehow able to grow with you on your energetic healing journey, what a joy!”

“This book is a must read for all mind-body therapists. The only way to heal is to take the driver's seat. Ruth outlines such simple and easy techniques to bring your energetic, emotional and physical being into alignment, and that brings deeper peace, happiness and success. Thank you Ruth for sharing your experience and wisdom with the world.”

Walking the Soul Path; An Energetic Guide to Being Human is also available in Whitehorse at the following stores:

- Aroma Borealis
- Mac's Fireweed Books
- Well Read Books
- Coles Books