Walking the Soul Path
An Energetic Guide to Being Human
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Walking The Soul Path
An Energetic Guide to Being Human
By Ruth Lera
Every challenge, success, pain, trauma or bliss we experience in this human life is essentially a soul opportunity. When we are willing to be open to the idea that perhaps we are a long-lasting soul on an important journey we can begin to become intentional with our choices and create the life we really want rather then just coping with the events that are occurring. In Walking the Soul Path; An Energetic Guide to Being Human, meditation teacher and energy healer Ruth Lera guides you into an understanding about why you are a soul on a human journey, and how you can use this knowledge to adjust your own energetic alignment to make the most benefit out of this present life you are living. If you want not only to learn about chakras, intentions, energy fields and vibration but also how to use this information to improve your life each and everyday- then this is the book for you.
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What People Are Saying About Walking the Soul Path.....

"A must read for all humans. Ruth, effectively takes the mystery out of the esoteric and etheric concepts of energy healing and makes it accessible to all. You could replace your book shelf full of self-help books with this one easy to read, simple guide to self healing. But don't just read it, do the helpful, easy to follow techniques and you will witness the real benefit."

"I loved this book and read it in one weekend! The author’s style of writing is such that I felt that she was walking right beside me, imparting this knowledge. Definitely one of those books that I will want to re-read and dip into again and again."
"I absolutely LOVE this book. It's so approachable! (if you can say that about a book...) I feel like I can pick it up at any time and there is a tidbit in there that will help me with whatever I am dealing with at the moment. Each time I read it I pick up something new; I get another perspective on how energetic healing applies to my life at the moment. It is a text that is somehow able to grow with you on your energetic healing journey, what a joy!"

" I received this book as a gift not knowing much on a subject and as a practical and simple guy being far from all this stuff like energy, vibration and chakras that somehow somewhere are in my body and every other human being has them. So put it another words I was skeptical To my surprise the author doesn't try to convince readers about her beliefs system being the only truth in the world, doesn't try to "sell" anything in particular. That was a promising beginning. More I was reading more I liked it. Text written in simple and understandable language. Author shares a lot from her personal experience, which makes the book more interesting and alive, because the situations and experiences she brings up are all so familiar to each person. That's why as I understand she offers solutions or rather tools that are easy to use and available for everybody and at any time at no cost. Tools to help yourself in daily life full of stress, frustration and uncertainty. Now, this is great! But how do you know if this is going to work? You don't until you believe in it and try. My favourite chapter is called "Different is the only normal" and it's about self perception in a modern society, thing we all can relate to. I would recommend this book for everyone who wants to know if there is anything out there that may help you get yourself together and enjoy living your own life."

"This book is a must read for all mind-body therapists. The only way to heal is to take the driver's seat. Ruth outlines such simple and easy techniques to bring your energetic, emotional and physical being into alignment, and that brings deeper peace, happiness and success. Thank you Ruth for sharing your experience and wisdom with the world."

"I loved reading Walking the Soul Path. I found the exercises to clear unwanted energy effective and easy to practice. I will definitely keep this book as a reference as I walk my path. It felt like information came to me just as I needed it. It is not a book to rush through, but to read a chapter, practice clearing and allowing it to sink in. Worth it!"

"Ruth Lera provides a very straightforward and friendly introduction to working with one's own energetic system to bring forth greater joy and clarity into one's own life. As someone who was not very familiar with energetic healing, her teachings were very clear, simple, and grounding. She provides examples of how we can work with our own energy, and get to know ourselves better so we are best able to contribute to more global sanity. I loved the chapter on working with intentions. Great for anyone looking to experience more gentleness towards themselves. This is an excellent book. I highly recommend! "

Walking The Soul Path can also be purchased in Whitehorse at Aroma Borealis, Coles or Mac's Fireweed.

In Vancouver it can be found at Banyen Books.

In Toronto it can be purchased at Wonderworks, Book City or Caversham..

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