Trusting the Soul Path
6 Day Retreat
with Ruth Lera

 A Revolutionary Experience for Your Soul

May 6th to May 11th

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Your Journey Begins
Your Journey will begin with a pick up at your accommodation in Whitehorse. We will travel together to Boreale Ranch located in the Carcross Valley, about a 35 minute drive from Whitehorse. 

After settling in (i.e. enjoying the nature trails, hot tub and mountain views) dinner will be served.

In the evening Ruth will lead the group in a grounding/arrival meditation that will prepare you for the transformational experience ahead.

Soul Beginning
After breakfast Ruth will lead the group in a chakra meditation. This program will bring us into a healthy alignment of our energy preparing us well to receive the gifts hiking in nature is going to offer us.

On day 2 we will go for our first hike into the Carcross Valley. During the hike you will be able to move at your own pace while experiencing the depth of silence. and connection with the group.

Deepening into Growth
On Day 3 we will start to sink deeper into the process of Trusting Our Soul Path.

In our morning program we will recover our fragmented energy lost over the course of our journey and come back home to ourselves.

After our afternoon hike participants will have a chance to receive one-on-one guidance with Ruth where  she will provide an energy reading about where to focus your energy during the retreat.
Trusting It All
On Day 4 we will release ourselves to surrender and ease.

Now that we are in the flow of the retreat our intention will be to let go.

The morning program will focus on release and giving our journey over to the benevolent forces that support us.

In the evening after dinner we will do a fire release ceremony becoming free of the patterns of our past that no longer serve us.
 Reflection and Moving Forward
On Day 5 we will reflect on what we have learned about our own energy and journey, and use the support of the group to mirror how we can take our deep healing forward into the next parts of our life.

Our hike on this last day will be fully silent as we come into gratitude for all the wellness and healing nature provided us.

The evening program will be a deep contemplation into grace.
Your Path Continues

​​​​​​​We will close our last day with an Embodied Energy Movement celebration of our own bodies, energy and journey.

After lunch transportation will be provided back to Whitehorse.
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This 6 day retreat includes:
  • Transportation to and from Whitehorse, Yukon
  • Meals and Accommodations at Boreal Ranch 
  • Access to all of the morning and evening programs
  • Access to all hiking and walking adventures
  • One on one meetings with Ruth Lera
And more!

The price for this 6 day retreat is
$1390.00 / per person         
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