Trusting the Soul Path
6 Day Retreat
with Ruth Lera

A Revolutionary Experience For Your Soul

May 6th to May 11th
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There will be four days of the retreat that we will spend the afternoon out in Yukon wilderness!!

The hikes will be very manageable for anyone at a reasonable fitness level.

We will be out walking in nature for approximately 2 to 21/2 hours each afternoon and the terrain will vary from mildly steep, to flat with some downhills.

The Carcross Valley boasts incredible mountain ranges, pristine lakes and magnificent rivers and we will try to see a little bit of all of it.

There is wildlife in the areas we are hiking and that is why we will have an experienced guide with us who will have bear spray and first aid supplies in case of an emergency.

We will need to stay together on our hikes for safety but our time in nature will NOT be a chatting time, but a chance to individually connect to the wild world and ourselves.

Guidance will be provided on how to best do this practice.

This 6 day retreat includes:
  • Transportation to and from Whitehorse, Yukon
  • Meals and Accommodations at Boreal Ranch 
  • Access to all of the morning and evening programs
  • Access to all hiking and walking adventures
  • One on one meetings with Ruth Lera
And more!

The price for this 6 day retreat is
$1390.00 / per person         
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