Are you thinking about taking the next step toward getting your business up and running in 2018? Feeling mentally, emotionally, and energetically blocked about your plans? Finding that your fears and insecurities are preventing you from getting your initial idea launched? Trying to uncover the “why” behind running your own business?

REGISTER NOW for this 3-week entrepreneurial exploration program designed to assist early-stage entrepreneurs in becoming mindful about why they want to run their own business and how to make it the success they desire.

This program will assist you to…

– Uncover your internal entrepreneurial motivations
– Identify how you want to measure personal success
– Discover your greatest business strengths and how to best use them
– Find the community and industry supports you presently need

You can register online here:…

Brought to you in partnership with: Yukon Economic Development

It is time to focus on our energy feeling good....
There are so many ways to make our energy feel good. We can raise our vibration, open to earth energy, bring in more light... literally the choices are endless.

But do any of us really spend enough time doing this?

No, we don't, and therefore we often find ourselves feeling stuck, ungrateful, alone and like life is too much to balance.

That is why instead of focusing on clearing the negative (which is an important skill, too!) we are going to spend 2 whole months, and 9 meditations focusing on making our energy feel good!! No, let me correct that, we are going to make our energy feel great!!

Here is the information:

- The program runs March 5th to April 30th 2018
-We will meet in a video conference (with only my video on) every Monday from 6pm to 7:30pm pst
-We will do a 45 minutes feel good in your energy meditation and then have a q&a period
-All participants will have access to the Self Healing Community Member Site and can listen to all archived meditations
-All participants will be added to the Member only Facebook group to stay connected

The cost is $225 CAD- but if you sign up for the free mini-call below you will receive a $25 off coupon code.

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