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Beginner Meditation



November 12th to December 17th

5:30pm to 6:30pm

 Location: Suite 209 Horwoods Mall


 Curious about what meditation is?

In this six-week course participants will be introduced to the practice of sitting meditation. Through gentle instruction we will practice how to work with the breath as a point of awareness and learn how to intentionally choose where we want to place our attention. We will also discuss how to use this skill of focus and purposeful concentration in all aspects of our life such as; relationships, exercise, work and play.

 This course is suitable for beginners and for people with some experience with meditation.

 Register @ 668-6429 or edmhayukon@gmail.com

Embodied Energy Movement


November 5th to December 10th

7:15pm to 8:30pm

The 75 minute body, mind and energy program takes participants through meditation, intuitive stretching, heart pumping dancing and complete relaxation. At the end of the program your energy will be flowing and your heart and soul will feel touched.

Breath of Life Yoga Studio

$96 plus tax

Register Here


Energy Savasana Meditation

Friday, November 23rd
@ 6:30 - 8:00pm
Led by Ruth Lera
$23 + tax

@ Breath of Life Yoga Studio

Release and dissolve all the stress from the week in this Friday evening workshop.

Beginning with simple mindfulness, and intuitively-guided stretching and movement, we then move to a lying practice, intentionally preparing our systems for a weekend of joy, presence and connection.

This workshop will be gentle yet profound. You will leave feeling refreshed and back in touch with your true self.

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Looking to book a one-on-one Energy Healing Session with Ruth?

By taking the time to take care of ourselves through engaging with an energy healer we help our bodies, minds and souls come into optimal functioning.

In the Energy Sessions I provide we will go into the energy field, chakras, past life, after life, early childhood trauma, present stress and non-consentual energies and heal whatever is no longer needed for your highest good.

Every energy healing session I do is unique to the person it is being provided for.

Sessions are done by phone or over video conferencing or in select locations where I offer in-person sessions.

Walking Meditation


Saturday December 1st
2pm to 3:30pm

In this workshop Ruth Lera will share the basic instructions for turning walking into a meditation practice. Participants will learn how to use their breath, feet and the flow of motion itself as points of awareness for their attention while walking slowly and intentionally. Walking meditation is both a beautiful formal mindfulness practice, as well as a way to learn how to be more purposeful and concentrated in everyday life.

$23 plus tax

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Want to do a workshop with me but don't see anything offered that works for you? Well, then get in touch.

I love to travel and I always have ideas for new workshops.

Some of the workshops I presently offer are:

Energy Savasana Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation
Embodied Energy Movement
Introduction to Energetic Self Healing

Drop me a note here to see what we can
offer together.