Lunchtime Meditation Group

May 21, May 28, June 4, June 11, June 18, June 25
12:05pm to 12:50pm
@Whitehorse Wellness
128 Copper Rd

This group is for people who already have some meditation experience. Each week we will discuss a different technique or meditation concept and then do a 20 minute silent meditation followed by a group discussion.

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JUNE Energy Study Group
Each Saturday in June (the first 4) we will meet from 9:30am to Noon and we are going to dive deep into the world of energy.

All participants are going to experience feeling their own energy, helping other people experience energy and learning about how to clear and heal all types of energetic alignments.

This will be a completely experiential program which will include guided meditations, partner work and group work.

Each week we will work with a different theme/topic about energetic development and between meetings we will have a Facebook group to keep the conversation and discovery going.

The cost is $200.

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Sacred Meditation

Jun 05 2019 - Jun 26 2019
7:15 PM - 8:30 PM

@ Breath of Life Yoga Collective

$66.00 plus tax

Meditating together is one of the great joys in life. When we sit in silence together we can feel uplifted by the communal presence of connecting with the moment.

In these 4 sessions we will go beyond basic mindfulness breath practice in order to touch in to the deeper essence of being. Through careful guidance and loving hearts we will experience a new depth in our communal contemplative practice that we will then be able to carry over into every aspect of our existence.

This class will be an instructional sitting meditation experience including both guided meditations and time to sit quietly with ourselves, and will include group discussion.

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Create The Business You Really Want

June 6, June 13, June 20, June 27

7pm to 9pm


Are you thinking about taking the next step toward getting your business up and running in 2019? Feeling mentally, emotionally, and energetically blocked about your plans? Finding that your fears and insecurities are preventing you from getting your initial idea launched? Trying to uncover the “why” behind running your own business?

REGISTER NOW for this 4-week entrepreneurial exploration program designed to assist early-stage entrepreneurs in becoming mindful about why they want to run their own business and how to make it the success they desire.

This program will assist you to…

– Uncover your internal entrepreneurial motivations
– Identify how you want to measure personal success
– Discover your greatest business strengths and how to best use them
– Find the community and industry supports you presently need

Community Meditation Leadership

The Canadian Mental Health Association- Yukon Division in Partnership with Ruth Lera Healing Services is looking to create a Community Meditation Program.

Over the last few years we have seen considerable interest in the practice of meditation in our community. In order to meet this interest we are looking to create an inclusive, secular and accessible Community Meditation Program where both beginner and experienced meditators can meet regularly to feel supported in their meditation practice.

To create this Community Meditation Program we are looking to connect with people in Whitehorse who have multiple years of experience with meditation, an established personal meditation practice and an interest in sharing the gift of meditation with others.

We are wondering if you:
  • Have been meditating for a minimum of 5 years?
  • Have attended meditation retreats where you dove deeper into your practice?
  • Have an interest in sharing what you have learned and experienced in meditation with others through being a facilitator for the Community Meditation Program?

If this is you we would love it if you would send an email to  expanding on your personal meditation practice and why you would be interested in being a facilitator in a newly conceived Community Meditation Program.

If we get enough interest from experienced meditators we will be hosting a leadership training between the dates of March 25th and May 3rd (day and time TBD) with the hope of beginning the Community Meditation Program September 2019. There will be a fee for the leadership training.

If this interests you at all we want to hear from you!

Thanks for your consideration.
Ruth Lera (Owner Ruth Lera Healing Services)
Tiffanie Tasane (Executive Director of CMHA-YT)

Trusting the Soul Path
3 Day Retreat
with Ruth Lera

 A Revolutionary Experience for Your Soul

May 9th to May 11th


Boreal Ranch

Yukon, Canada

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Looking to book a one-on-one Energy Healing Session with Ruth?

By taking the time to take care of ourselves through engaging with an energy healer we help our bodies, minds and souls come into optimal functioning.

In the Energy Sessions I provide we will go into the energy field, chakras, past life, after life, early childhood trauma, present stress and non-consentual energies and heal whatever is no longer needed for your highest good.

Every energy healing session I do is unique to the person it is being provided for.

Sessions are done by phone or over video conferencing or in select locations where I offer in-person sessions.

Walking the Soul Path
3 Day Retreat
with Ruth Lera

October 25th to 27th, 2019

@ Boreal Ranch

 Give Yourself This Time for Healing.....

Want to do a workshop with me but don't see anything offered that works for you? Well, then get in touch.

I love to travel and I always have ideas for new workshops.

Some of the workshops I presently offer are:

Energy Savasana Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation
Embodied Energy Movement
Introduction to Energetic Self Healing

Drop me a note here to see what we can
offer together.