Winter Specials

The dark point of a year is a great time to dig deep into healing practices.....

From November 15th to January 15th I am offering a couple of specials.

2020 New Year's Chakra Readings and Distance Healing


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It is my honor to be able to offer you loving guidance about the present state of your energy and chakra system that will help you make practical and soul enriching choices for everything you are facing on your path now.

To complete the chakra readings I use clairsentience to tap into the energetic feel of your chakras and then record the findings.

The chakra readings I offer are 3 to 5 page written documents that you will receive by email.

All chakra readings will now include distance healing for your journey.

Chakra reading also make great gifts. Please check with the recipient that they give permission for me to do an energy reading before ordering.

Energy Healing Sessions

From November 15th to January 15th sessions are $99


By taking the time to take care of ourselves through engaging with an energy healer we help our bodies, minds and souls come into optimal functioning.

In the Energy Sessions I provide we will go into the energy field, chakras, past life, after life, early childhood trauma, present stress and non-consentual energies and heal whatever is no longer needed for your highest good.

Every energy healing session I do is unique to the person it is being provided for.

Sessions are done by phone or over video conferencing or in select locations where I offer in-person sessions.

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Walking The Soul Path
An Energetic Guide to Being Human
By Ruth Lera

Every challenge, success, pain, trauma or bliss we experience in this human life is essentially a soul opportunity. When we are willing to be open to the idea that perhaps we are a long-lasting soul on an important journey we can begin to become intentional with our choices and create the life we really want rather then just coping with the events that are occurring. In Walking the Soul Path; An Energetic Guide to Being Human, meditation teacher and energy healer Ruth Lera guides you into an understanding about why you are a soul on a human journey, and how you can use this knowledge to adjust your own energetic alignment to make the most benefit out of this present life you are living. If you want not only to learn about chakras, intentions, energy fields and vibration but also how to use this information to improve your life each and everyday- then this is the book for you.
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"I absolutely LOVE this book. It's so approachable! (if you can say that about a book...) I feel like I can pick it up at any time and there is a tidbit in there that will help me with whatever I am dealing with at the moment. Each time I read it I pick up something new; I get another perspective on how energetic healing applies to my life at the moment. It is a text that is somehow able to grow with you on your energetic healing journey, what a joy!"

Signed Copies of Walking the Soul Path $22.00 (with shipping)

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