The Root Chakra Healing Course
Strengthen your Root Chakra to Increase Your Sense of Abundance and Safety in the World | Taught by Ruth Lera

Cost: $12.50 (CAD)
Ever had the feeling that things in your life could be working out better for you, but you just aren't sure why it isn't coming together the way you want it to?

Often this is the case because we have healing that needs to be done in the Root Chakra.

The Root Chakra is essential to our survival. It governs our sense of feeling safe in the world.

We have all had trauma and pain in our lives, and this can cause the Root Chakra to have less then optimal functioning.

In this four module course we dig deeper into the capabilities of the Root Chakra, through participating in simple activities and guided meditations, specifically designed to promote optimal functioning in the Root Chakra.

"This course is giving me a sense of stability and support. The meditations make me feel calm and reassured that everything is okay and I am where I'm supposed to be in my spiritual development. Thanks for your calm and caring guidance Ruth."

In this self-guided online course you will:

- Learn about the different areas of our lives that the Root Chakra governs


- Listen to guided audio meditations designed to bring quick and effective healing to the Root Chakra.

The small time commitment and low-cost of this Root Chakra course is the perfect way to kick-start your Root Chakra healing journey

Healing the Root Chakra and increasing our ability to be grounded, is a very generous act. It puts us in a position to be of increased service to other people, and the world as a whole.

"Ruth's courses supports a person to be clear and self aware, in an accessible and compassionate manner."

 I hope you will join me today in taking the time to care for the healing needed in your Root Chakra, so you can reap the benefits of more ease in your daily life through a greater sense of being in flow with life purpose.

"I thought this course was excellent. There was a lot of useful information in the text sections, which I have been using (I took the course several weeks ago). The guided visualizations are very skillfully done. There are two or three different meditations/visualizations, and I appreciate that there is not just one way that is shown. The suggestions at the end for how to continue on the journey are good, and I have been using them since I took the course."  - Diane Parenti