Soul Path
Chakra Readings

The chakra readings Ruth offers are written energetic assessments that provide relevant information to help you improve the quality of your daily life experience.

Using clairsentience Ruth senses into your energy field and chakras and shares with you the most important and relevant information about where you are presently at in your life, and what changes you are being asked to make.

A written document is emailed to you within 1 to 5 days from the time the chakra reading order is placed.

"I really love doing chakra readings. All of your chakras and energy fields are beautiful and it is a gift to get to connect with you in this way." - Ruth Lera

Chakra readings also make great gifts. Just get consent from the person you want to gift a reading to, and send their name and email address. Ruth will send the reading directly to the recipient.

Chakra Readings are $40 CAD and an order can be placed by clicking the link below.

"This reading is really helpful in terms of letting me know that I'm prepared for and capable of making the big changes that I'm going to have to make, that I am being guided, and that it will all turn out for the best, even though I don't know what I'm going to do yet."
- Vanessa Favero

"All I can say is WOW.  You absolutely nailed it.  I asked myself how in the world could you possible know all that just from an email and my name? I immediately teared up at the raw knowledge you possessed about me, things that no one could know.  You didn't miss anything and the timing of this couldn't have been better (thank you Universe)!"     
- Lori Ruscko