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My Speech....

You know it’s really funny, I didn’t plan on writing this book.

I know that sounds untrue because I have talked consistently and adamantly about wanting to write a book for at least 5 years.

But I really didn’t know I was going to write this book!

It has completely caught me by surprise.

It is deeper, more profound and more of what I think reality and truth are then I could have expected.



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Messages From the Chakras

In 2015 I started doing distance Chakra Readings.

I don’t know where the inspiration came to me to do these. Do any of us really know where inspiration comes from?

But I had just completed a 6 session private psychic training intensive where I had been told I was a natural medium and had done an intuitive development training with a medium who explained the only way to get better at channeling psychic information was to practice.

So, I decided I would practice.

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Deep Shoulder Healing
I'm not sure if there is any human on the planet who doesn't experience shoulder pain.

Everyone at one time or another seems to have had tight, stressed out shoulders feeling the literal weight of their human journey.

And this feeling of stress on the shoulders isn't innocent. It may have been caused with innocent intentions in that we didn't put this stress on our shoulders on purpose, but it is actually affecting our lives in negative ways.

Constantly feeling stressed in our shoulders wears us down. It accumulates and becomes thicker and heavier and leaves us feeling drained and unable to fully embody the pleasure and enjoyment of our lives.

Therefore, a true act of self-love is to acknowledge the pain and accumulated stress on our shoulders and do something about it.

In my work I have developed a theory that our left shoulder represents our heartbreak and our right shoulder represents what we are avoiding dealing with in our life.

Understanding what areas of our existence different body parts represent can help us find the source of our pain, challenges and stress.
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 Encouraging You Out of Your Comfort Zone

The challenge with our comfort zones is that they are just too comfortable.

Because somehow in our minds we have developed a belief that if we just stay in the known neurotic dysfunction of our habits and patterns everything will be a-okay.

But of course this isn’t true. The suffering still finds us even though we are trying very hard to hide from it in the illusion of denial.

No one likes having it pointed out to them where they are avoiding, denying, protecting or just trying to keep everything together, even as it is disintegrating around them.

In my work people come to me for help.
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I Have Fallen and I Can't Get Up

I have decided to accept it is just going to be one of those days where I watch random videos and cry.

It is not that I want it to be that kind of day- it just is.

Not everything is in our control and mostly we really don’t like this.

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Letting Go Of Perfect
(Excerpt from Walking the Soul Path
being released Late September, 2017)


There was a time in my life when it pained me to realize I wasn’t perfect. As a naive 20-year-old, somehow I thought that this was what I was supposed to be ­—perfect. And by perfect I mean someone who did everything right, never made a mistake and was loved by everyone.

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