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I am an Energy Healer, Mindfulness Facilitator, Meditation Teacher, Instructor of Energetic Self Healing, Writer and Boreal Forest Loiterer.

And the question I get asked the most is, "Did you always know you were a healer?"

The honest answer is I don't know.

I grew up in downtown Toronto. Well, not right downtown but northwards around Eglinton and Spadina. It was a Jewish neighborhood and the synagogue was a place I spent a lot of my time. But I also played on the street with friends, and wandered the local parks and ravines either alone, with friends or even with my pet rabbit- Jerry.

I remember being about 8 years old and wondering what I wanted to be when I grew up. I knew I wasn't the most athletic person or even that great at academics. But I also could feel I had something important to offer. It had something to do with knowing about people. Knowing what they needed and what was going on with them. I knew I wanted to do something with this skill I had, and I also knew that I wanted  to help the world- to be of service.

As I got older this pounding feeling that I needed to contribute somehow to society felt crippling at times but I kept striving to find the way that was right to me.

This motivation to look for global solutions through my personal actions was definitely a theme for me as a teenager. It led to a strong feeling  that I needed to get out of the city. I wanted the world to be a better place, and the only way this seemed possible was if people went back to living in nature, and on farms so they could grow their own food and live a self-sufficient lifestyle in small communities.

With this inspiration solidly placed in my consciousness I was thrilled when I was accepted onto a agricultural Canada World Youth Exchange at 17 years old. I hadn't quite finished high school yet but I was desperate to get out of Toronto.

My first placement on the exchange was a farm in Dalkeith, Ontario where I milked cows, fed chickens and harvested cucumbers for home-made pickles. I had never been so happy. I didn't know it was possible to be so happy! I felt most at home on the farm. It seemed weird that a 'city girl' would be so in her element in this new rural setting but this is what happened. And hence, this is the lifestyle I live today.

After three months on the farm in Ontario I headed off to Northeast Thailand. I lived with a family, harvested rice, spent time at the monastery across the street and realized that I cared more about my own spiritual journey then socio-economic politics. I also realized that Judaism wasn't my path in the face of seeing how practical, illuminating and to the point the Buddhist teachings are.

When I returned to Toronto I finished my one high school credit, began practicing yoga and brought meditation front and center into my life. I only lasted 3 months back in Toronto before buying myself a one way ticket West. I needed to get back to farms, and the country lifestyle, even though I was incredibly naive about what that meant.

At this point in my life I was starting to tune in to energy. I could feel it in people and was reading about it a little but I really didn't know what any of it meant.

I ended up meeting up with a friend from my Canada World Youth exchange program while in Vancouver and she invited me back to the Yukon with her. I called my parents from the airport and told them I had just purchased a standby one way ticket north to the Yukon.

It is hard to imagine where my life would be now if I never had taken that flight.

Only a month after arriving in the Yukon I found myself south of Whitehorse living in a tipi on a piece of property I call the Garden of Eden because it is a homestead on a natural warm springs where I consider my adult self to have been born. I had found somewhere I belonged.

After an adventurous boat trip on Atlin lake to Llewlyn Glacier I met the partner I spent 22 years with. Andy and I fell in love pretty much instantly. Our vision to live on the land, and grow our own food, and change the world through our lifestyle was such a complete match that I moved from my tipi to his canvas wall tent in 1996.

Andy and I jumped into the responsibility of our life together quickly. By the time I was 25 years old we already had our first child, owned property, were building businesses, greenhouses and designing our dream home.

But I wasn't meditating anymore. Or I would like once a year. Instead I was worrying about money, and finishing my degree in Human and Social Development, and trying very hard to manage being an adult.

I was going along like this, pretty stressed out but feeling passionate about my ideals of attachment parenting and organic gardening when one of my closest friends Kiran had a spiritual awakening.

Kiran awoke and saw through the illusion of self and also needed support. I was her person. I didn't really understand what had happened to her but I had my Thai Buddhist understandings still in me and I listened to her and it infiltrated my consciousness and nothing could now stay the same.

I started questioning my own mind and especially my own self-hate stories. I eventually took myself to a 6 day meditation retreat where I saw I didn't have to believe anything my mind was saying anymore.

Once you stop listening to your mind you can listen to all other types of other things- like energy!

At this time in my life I was working as a Family Support Worker for the government helping families with their parenting skills. I loved working with the families but I hated the hierarchy of the system. I constantly saw my clients traumatized by a system that was supposed to be helping them and their children. My integrity felt challenged and I quit my job so we could build our dream house.

These were the best and hardest years of my life so far. Physically building the house, while homeschooling two young children, growing our own food and having a dark night of the soul as I questioned everything in my mind was painful. Very painful. But wow did I grow and evolve!

My desire to be of service was also still strong. It pushed me constantly, the voice in my head reminding me to find a way to help people. I finally decided the best thing I could do for others was to teach them to meditate.

I got a certificate in  Meditation Instruction from the University of Holisitic Theology and did the training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). I started teaching meditation right away and still do to this day. (You can see my event schedule here).

I have taught hundreds of people how to practice Mindfulness Meditation now. I teach for the Yukon Government, private workplaces and have led workshops in Alaska, British Columbia and Toronto. If you are interested in a Mindfulness Meditation workshop just get in touch.

But everything evolves and eventually I started developing my own meditation practices which I call Energetic Self Healing.

How did I come to add energy healing to my meditation teaching? Well, really by accident.

I started taking Healing Touch training because friends had said it was really interesting. At this time in my life I didn't know I could work with energy or that I wanted to. This is why I say I don't know if I have always been a healer. But what I do know is that through learning how to intentionally steer our attention where we want it to go, by training in Mindfulness Meditation, we can learn how to do anything that takes focus and concentration. Thanks to my thousands of hours of meditating I found it easy to move my attention to energy.

I kept going with the Healing Touch training right to level 5 and practiced on anyone who would let me. I also trained in Quantum touch which teaches you how to work skillfully with vibration.

However,  as the true creative anarchist I am, after a time i just couldn't follow the rules of these modalities anymore. The moment I decided I would not use either of these modalities the real training began.

When I decided that my life's work would be a mastery of energy healing the downloads began. As I kept doing sessions out of my home office in the country I got given mental instructions of how to heal past lives, the after life, cells, soul connections, perform mediumship and so much more.

And my clients started having great results. Physical pain gone, more energy, more clarity, more understanding and increased success in their personal lives.

I also started writing a lot. Elephant Journal being my main forum with over 250 articles.

As well, my psychic abilities grew with my practice of distance chakra readings for people all over the world. I found that if I just thought about a person it was like I was meeting them at a party and having a sense of their journey. It was how I felt when I was 8 years old- just getting people and wanting to use this sense to be of service.

As I did distance readings for people I got the feedback that I was bang-on about their journeys and that the guidance I was sharing was exceptionally helpful.

Now I take this skill and offer Energy Guidance and Healing Packages that can be ordered any time.

And then the big moment arrived, I was guided it was time to write my first book. In the summer of 2017  I wrote my first book. Walking the Soul Path; An Energetic Guide to Being Human.

Writing this book is the most difficult thing I have done up to this point in my life. Putting ourselves out into the world in our most authentic way possible is terrifying. I had to work through so much fear to publish my book.

Everything really changed for me energetically after I wrote Walking the Soul Path, and I am presently documenting these experiences in the sequel book presently titled Trusting the Divine Path.

But at the end of 2018 I separated from my life partner and left my rural home, and have moved to a lovely quiet street by the clay cliffs in downtown Whitehorse. It has been a transformative year, which included a magical trip to India.

I look forward to sharing more of these adventures with you very soon.

Much love,
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