Trusting the Soul Path
A Yukon Wilderness Healing Retreat
with healer, teacher and author
Ruth Lera

Monday May 6th to
Saturday May 11th, 2018


What does this retreat include?

- 5 night's accommodations at Boreal Ranch
(40 minutes from Whitehorse in the incredible Carcross Valley)
-3 delectable chef prepared meals a day
- Daily wilderness experiences in the stunning Carcross Valley
We will take you to  lakes, rivers and mountains and take it all into our souls!
- Daily guided healing group meditations on trusting our soul path
-Personal energetic support and guidance from Ruth Lera
-Use of all the facilities at Boreal Ranch including the Hot Tub
-Ceremony and ritual to bring you into alignment with your most authentic nature
-The gift of 6 days to focus on your own healing journey in the wilderness of Yukon
And the cost for all of this?
$1365.50 CAD

To register or get more information please click on the button below and send me a note and we will go from there.

So much love to you all and I really hope you can join me for this magical weekend.

"The best part I noticed was the retreat was different thing for each and every person there - some to sleep - some to heal - some to do some big energy healing - some to do some big physical healing -  and any or all combinations - combined with - AMAZING food - laughter - community - sharing - learning - storytelling - readings.....and complete and open acceptance for each and every person to "be who they needed to be" "do what to needed do" - we were all in exactly the right place doing exactly the right thing - and Ruth embraced all of us and encouraged all of us in our own process - Plus - the group felt so close by the end of the weekend - magic really happened.  I can hardly wait to go again!
-Allanna Wiebe-
"I attended Ruth’s first retreat at the Boreal Ranch in May 2018, and honestly didn’t really know what I was in for. I didn’t know Ruth, other than skimming through her book, and I didn’t do any research beforehand. All I knew was that for a thousand reasons, I felt tired, and the word “retreat” sounded like something I definitely wanted to do. 
It was my understanding that we would be doing lots of meditating and eating delicious food. We did both of these things, and both were on an entirely different level than I expected.
We went DEEP that weekend. Ruth opened up a safe environment for self-healing and helped us with some huge healing releases. 
Nothing was necessary, and everything was possible. For me, that looked like letting down a lot of walls, letting go of a lot of fear and old patterning that wasn’t working for me, and letting in some help. Plus, lots of rest, fresh air, and eating. 
Ruth herself offered all kinds of guidance and support, and was easy to connect with during meditation. No spoilers, but a few particular things she said over the course of the weekend literally changed my approach to a LOT of things in my everyday life, my job, and my relationships, and I find myself listening to her voice in my head on a regular basis since attending this retreat. 
The staff at the Boreal Ranch were supportive and gave us the space we needed to do our thing, and the kitchen staff…omg. The food was outstanding in both taste and presentation, and I felt like I could taste that it was made with care and love. 
Ruth is genuine in herself, and in her healing. That’s something I don’t question, and people like her have the ability to cause positive change in others. It is absolutely worth it to attend one of her retreats, get healing work from her, or check out one of her Embodied Energy Movement courses. 
This weekend was nourishing in every was imaginable, and I would not miss another chance to have this experience again."
-Kirsty Wells-