Energy Study Group

2020  schedule

Saturday January 4th- Healing Past Lives
Saturday January 18th- Cutting Cords and Releasing Soul Contracts
Saturday February 1st- Repairing Damaged Chakras

$50 per class

Experiencing and healing our own energy and the energy of others is one of the truly beautiful parts of being human.

All participants in the Energy Study Group are going to experience feeling their own energy, helping other people experience energy and learn about how to clear and heal all types of energetic alignments.

Each Saturday participants will be guided in a personal healing meditation as well as having the opportunity to do group healing and receive energetic healing, as well.

E-mail to register.

Walking the Soul Path
3 Day Retreat
with Ruth Lera

@ Boreale Ranch

May 8th to 10th, 2020

We will be doing deep healing during this beautiful weekend in May. On Friday night we will meditate together and connect and then on Saturday go deep with recovering and refreshing our energy. Sunday morning we finish with the Embodied Energy Movement Program. This weekend will set your energy free to feel aligned and ready to continue on your unique soul path!

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