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Beginner Meditation with Rosemarie Briggs

Thursday October 11th to  Thursday November 29th
5:00pm to 6:00pm
@ Whitehorse Wellness Center

Led by Rosemarie Briggs
Cost: By Dana (see information below)

Maximum Enrollment 10 people

This 8 week Beginner Meditation course is appropriate for people with no experience meditating or some experience meditating. Rosemarie will be providing the basic instruction for how to practice silent meditation in a supportive and encouraging class environment.

About Rosemarie:
Rosemarie    Briggs    is    a    teacher    with    a    degree    from    Simon    Fraser    University    currently    working    in    Whitehorse.        Rosemarie    has    been    practicing    meditation    since    she    was    a    teen,    but    for the past   ten    years    has    spent    months    at    a    time    in    silent    retreat    at    a    Burmese    monastery    in    Nepal.        In    retreat    her    basic    practice    was    Vipassana    (mindfulness)    in    the    Mahasi    Sayadaw    tradition    but    included    several    other    forms    of    meditation.    

Rosemarie is really happy to be back in the Yukon and is excited to share some of what she has learned in a group setting. Meditation has been Rosemarie's major passion since almost before she can recall and she is thrilled at the idea of having a group of dedicated meditators to work with.

Rosemarie will be teaching Vipassana Mindfulness Meditation and helping students consider how to bring mindfulness into their daily life.     

Payment for this course will be by Dana.

Dana    is    a    word    in    the    ancient    Pali    language    meaning    generosity.      The    act    of    giving    (Dana)    is    itself    a    spiritual    practice    that    generates    a    mind    moment    free    of    greed    and    full    of    loving    kindness. Traditionally    spiritual    teachings    were    considered    so    valuable    that    they    were    priceless    and    so    were    given    freely,    as    a    form    of    Dana    to    the    community.        However,    those    delivering    the    teachings    still    needed    food    and    other    things    to    sustain    life.        So    a    system    developed    whereby    recipients    practiced    generosity    in    order    for    the    teachers    to    have    all    they    needed    to    live    comfortably.        Those    with    more    income    gave    more.        Those    with    less    gave    less.        Each    decided    what    (s)he    could    afford.    Following    in    the    Asian    tradition,    Rosemarie    does    not    charge    a    fee    for    teaching    but    requests    students    to    practice    Dana.  Please    practice    Dana    by    bringing    a    cheque    or    cash    to    the    first    class    for    the    full    course and remember to only    register    if    you    are    sure    you    will be able   attend    the    course    so    that    you    don’t    take    the    spot    of    someone    else    who    would    have    attended.    

    To    register    please    contact    Rosemarie    at:            roseabove60@gmail.com    

Walking the Soul Path Weekend Retreat @ Boreal Ranch
October 19th to 21st, 2018

If you are looking for 48 hours of rest, rejuvenation, incredible food, spectacular mountain views and a transformational healing experience with other beautiful souls then don't miss this weekend retreat.

If you are a tried and true Yukoner looking for a healing weekend break or if you you live anywhere else in the world and want to have a one-of-a-kind nature/energy/Yukon/connection experience- this retreat is for you!

During this 2 night retreat experience we will be diving deep into the energetic self healing, mindfulness meditation, connecting with nature and falling in love with ourselves.

Learn More...

Whitehorse In Person Energy Healing Sessions
 Mondays and Wednesdays in September and October 2018 @ Whitehorse Wellness Center 128 Copper Rd. Schedule your session here.

It happens to us all sometimes.

We lose our way.

We can become stuck, confused and even physically ill as we travel our human journey.

When this happens it is helpful to reach out for support.

This is why I offer an Energy Guidance and Healing Service. I think about you, send love and write you comprehensive energy guidance for your journey and provide some energy healing for where you need it most.

This service is completed for you 1 to 5 days from the time of ordering.

Embodied Energy Movement

November 5th to December 10th- 2018

7:15pm to 8:30pm

The 75 minute body, mind and energy program takes participants through meditation, intuitive stretching, heart pumping dancing and complete relaxation. At the end of the program your energy will be flowing and your heart and soul will feel touched.

Breath of Life Yoga Studio

Register Here


Want to do a workshop with me but don't see anything offered that works for you? Well, then get in touch.

I love to travel and I always have ideas for new workshops.

Some of the workshops I presently offer are:

Energy Savasana Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation
Embodied Energy Movement
Introduction to Energetic Self Healing

Drop me a note here to see what we can
offer together.