Energy Guidance & Healing

The human journey is tricky. There are twists and turns that are very difficult to navigate alone. That is why it is important we reach out for help, support and guidance.

The Energy Guidance and Healing I provide is information from your own energy about where you need to focus presently for optimal results on your soul/human journey.

When you order a personal Energy Guidance and Healing Package you will receive:

A 3 to 5 page document e-mailed to you with information about all your present energetic functioning and detailed information about the energy healing I provided for you.

The energy healing will be provided for you at a time I select with the intention of generosity for your highest good.

Energies you no longer need will be cleared, your chakras will be encouraged to come into optimal alignment and your overall energy flow will be increased.

After the energy healing is received you will probably notice certain changes in your life either immediately or within a few days of receiving the healing.

It is my great honor to be trusted with the opportunity to provide Energy Guidance and Healing for your highest good!

Energy Healing Sessions

By taking the time to take care of ourselves through engaging with an energy healer we help our bodies, minds and souls come into optimal functioning.

In the Energy Sessions I provide we will go into the energy field, chakras, past life, after life, early childhood trauma, present stress and non-consentual energies and heal whatever is no longer needed for your highest good.

Every energy healing session I do is unique to the person it is being provided for.

Sessions are done by phone or over video conferencing or in select locations where I offer in-person sessions.

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Ruth's (Almost) Daily Energy Guidance
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May 11th, 2018
 When we relax we create an opening. An opening for new ideas, new connections, new guidance and a sense of being safe within our own being and our own journey. Being truly relaxed is never a waste of time. This weekend check-in with yourself. Are you really relaxed which means feeling safe and gentle and easy? Or are you numbing yourself, or over-worrying while taking a relaxation position? Being truly relaxed feels like being empty. Just taking in all experience without being attached to any of it. This is one of the greatest experiences we can have. With intention it can be yours- maybe even this weekend. Love to you all!
May 10th, 2018
 Your awareness is listening. It is listening all the time. Everything you are telling your own awareness is being heard. So things like, "I am so scared" "This is too much" "Everything is going wrong"- all of this is going into your consciousness. It might be innocent but the effect of it isn't. On the same note intentions like, "I am committed to my healing journey" "I am open and available to opportunity" and "I believe in myself" are also heard by our own awareness and literally taken to heart. What is your awareness going to listen to today?
May 9th, 2018
It is really amazing how effective acceptance is at dissolving our pain. This is counter-intuitive. We think we need to fight ourselves and make all the places we are 'failing' go away. But when you accept everything as it is the struggles fades away and all that is left is the perfection of reality. Usually this means we just get to be our completely weird selves, as we are. What have you been fighting in yourself lately that you can just totally accept today? Just try it. See how things shift.
May 7th, 2018
Meditate everywhere. Even in your pyjamas. Or especially in your pyjamas. The mind has all types of reasons why we shouldn't meditate. Not enough time, not the right space... and especially not the right mind. But you are perfect for meditating! All your craziness, neurosis and confusion is the perfect stuff to meditate with because it is yours. The more you meditate the more you will simultaneously become stronger and softer. Such a beautiful direction. No excuses. Just meditate. Even in your pyjamas.
May 1st, 2018
Have you considered that you are eternal? Meaning you are so much more then this moment. You are a conglomerate of more energy, more experiences, more power and more importance then your mind will ever be able to hold. Your energy is infinite. Feel this today. Stand in the wind and look out at the world and say to yourself, "I am eternal. I am infinite." What does this feel like?