Spring Chakra Readings... Available Now!
The Chakra readings I offer are compassionate, practical written guidance about the present energetic alignment of your seven major chakras.

The information is channeled to me as I lovingly touch into your unique and precious energy.

I have probably done almost a thousand chakra readings now over the years and the feedback from folks is that they are incredibly useful when making life path decisions.

When you order a Spring Chakra reading I will email you a written document with 1 to 5 days of receiving the order.

At this time I have three offers.

Spring Chakra Reading- $40
Spring Chakra Reading and Signed Book -$65 (includes shipping)
Spring Chakra Reading plus Energy Healing (distance)- $80

Energy Healing Sessions

By taking the time to take care of ourselves through engaging with an energy healer we help our bodies, minds and souls come into optimal functioning.

In the Energy Sessions I provide we will go into the energy field, chakras, past life, after life, early childhood trauma, present stress and non-consentual energies and heal whatever is no longer needed for your highest good.

Every energy healing session I do is unique to the person it is being provided for.

Sessions are done by phone or over video conferencing or in select locations where I offer in-person sessions.

Schedule Your Session Here.