The recordings below play only on a laptop or computer (not a phone or tablet).
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 Self Forgiveness Through the Chakras Guided Meditation
Length: 15 Minutes

Raising Your Vibration Guided Meditation
Length: 13 Minutes

Opening the Feet Chakras Guided Meditation
Length: 11 Minutes

It happens to us all sometimes. We lose our way. We can become stuck, confused and even physically ill as we travel our human journey. When this happens it is helpful to reach out for support. This is why I offer an Energy Guidance and HealingService. I think about you, send love and write you comprehensive energy guidance for your journey and provide some energy healing for where you need it most. This service is complete for you 1 to 5 days from the time of ordering.

Crown Chakra Guided Meditation
Length: 10 Minutes

Sleep Manifesting Guided Meditation
Length: 8 Minutes

5 Minute Mindfulness Meditation
Length: 5 Minutes

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For two years I offered a program called the Self Healing Community. A group of very dedicated meditators met each week and we delved deep into the process of energetic self healing. Below I am sharing with you all the guided meditations from the 2017/2018 program.

This work is deep. Listen, contemplate and heal. But most of all take good care of yourself.

If after working with these meditations you feel like you need extra support
please reach out to me.
Opening the Chakras with Silence Meditation

September 6th, 2017
25 minutes
Staying in the Flow Guided Meditation

October 11th, 2017
12 minutes
Self- Forgiveness Guided Meditation

October 25th, 2017
43 minutes
Chakra Calming Grief Guided Meditation

November 1st, 2017
32 minutes
Early Childhood Trauma Clearing Meditation

November 29th, 2017
53 minutes
Energy Exchange Meditation

December 13th, 2017
38 minutes
Clearing 2017 Out of the Chakras

December 27th, 2017
55 minutes
New Year's Energetic Alignment Call

December 31st, 2017
55 minutes
Throat Chakra Guided Meditation

January 10th, 2018
30 minutes
Crown Chakra Guided Meditation

February 14th, 2018
30 minutes
Sacral Chakra Guided Meditation

February 21st, 2018
45 minutes
Brow Chakra Guided Meditation

February 28th, 2018
45 minutes
Vibration and Light Guided Meditation

March 5th, 2018
37 minutes
Blue Light Guided Meditation

March 12th, 2018
45 minutes
Cell Healing Guided Meditation

March 19th, 2018
30 minutes
I Am FREE Guided Meditation

April 9th, 2018
45 minutes
Light and Love Guided Meditation

April 30th, 2018
45 minutes
If you would like to offer a financial thank you for the offered meditations you can do so by clicking here.